Monday, July 9, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber’s 911 Call to Police the Day He Was Ticketed for Speeding

Justin Bieber pulled over after speeding on the 101 Freeway
Justin Bieber pulled over after speeding on the 101 Freeway

Justin Bieber sure knows how to keep his cool while being chased down a freeway and on the phone to 911.

TMZ just released the 911 call Justin Bieber made to L.A. Police last week while being chased by Paparazzi down the California 101 Freeway.

Bieber kept his cool while explaining to the dispatcher that he was being chased all while giving the description of each vehicle that was following him.

By the time Bieber made this call he had already been stopped and ticketed by Police for speeding, some say as fast as 120 MPH.

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To add to Justin’s frustration, the first dispatcher hung up prematurely, causing JB to call back and explain everything again.

It seems to us that if Justin didn’t want to draw attention to him while on the 101 Freeway then he shouldn’t have been driving a chrome Fisker Karma in the middle of the day.

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We also sense a bit of a smart-alecky tone in his voice.

Moral: He should have known better...

Just saying…

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