Thursday, July 5, 2012

PHOTO - Justin Bieber gets ANOTHER Tattoo – This Makes Six! – It’s a Japanese Kanji Symbol Meaning “Music"

This one makes number six!

Justin Bieber is taking after his father Jeremy Bieber and entertainer Chris Brown when it comes to getting new tattoos.

In the last few months the pop singer has added several new tattoos to his body collection and there are no signs that he is ready to slow down any time soon.

Bieber scored number six last week – and it’s a Chinese Kanji symbol that stands for music "Music”.

Justin Bieber's New Kanji Symbol Tattoo Music
Justin Bieber's New Kanji Symbol Tattoo
Most popular Chinese Kanji symbols

Kanji is defined as Chinese symbols used in Japanese writing.

His other five are a seagull on his waist, a Hebrew symbol for “Jesus” under his left arm, the face of Jesus on his leg, a set of praying hands on his leg, and the world “Believe” on his left arm.

You can see all of Justin's tattoo art at our special "Justin Bieber Tattoo" link.

I wonder if the tattoo fad had anything to do with Justin and Selena breaking up last week?

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In any case, he is well on his way to getting inked in the most religious and musical way!

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Justin - slow down. You may find you regret all these tattoos when you turn 30.

And spread the genre around… no more religious stuff.

Maybe another music symbol or “Mother” tat next time – spread the love.

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