Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber Does Top Ten List on David Letterman Show – Hilarious

While Justin Bieber takes a little time off from his 150 show My World tour, the teen pop sensation stopped in New York to visit some friends.

Bieber was in town to promote his new women’s fragrance “Someday” and he stopped by Uncle Dave Letterman’s show to read the top ten list.

The topic was “Top Ten Little Known Facts About Justin Bieber.”

This is not the first time Bieber has done Dave's top ten list, but was probably the funniest.

Even InfoStar learned a thing or two about the singer.

After doing the Letterman show last night, Justin made an appearance on the NBC Today Show Thursday morning before visiting his gal pals over at the view.

After his New York public relations run for “Someday” the singer plans to spend his time between Atlanta and Los Angeles working on his third album.

Insiders say the new album will showcase a much more mature Bieber in both personality and musical style.

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