Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video - Justin Bieber Attacked and Knocked to the Ground in New York City

Poor Justin Bieber.

After a long 24 hours of press while promoting his new “Someday” fragrance, he ran into a little trouble on the streets of New York.

Bieber did the David Letterman show last night and read the Top Ten List, visited the Today Show staff this morning, and wrapped his morning with the gaggle gals on The View.

After his television appearances he headed over to Herald Square to meet his fans at Macys when things went terribly wrong.

Bieber had entered Macy’s to do a quick session with reporters and then headed back outside to greet his fans when a man jumped a metal barricade and secondary rope line and knocked Bieber to the ground.

Witnesses say Bieber was visibly shaken when his two body guards jump into the fry to isolate Justin from the rest of the crowd.

Other witnesses say that it took three bystanders to subdue the attacker until police arrived.

One girl said,

“The guy just jumped the line and started attacking Justin. He pushed him around and finally knocked him to the ground. Everybody was screaming and running around and all you could see was people everywhere.”

Watch Channel 7 Eyewitness News Report

After the incident Bieber returned to the store and went upstairs to meet with fans that had a prearranged meet and greet with the pop singer.

One girl in the crowed was slightly injured but refused medical treatment.

There has been no official statement from Bieber’s camp or Macy’s.

That must be one mighty powerful perfume….

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