Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ellen's First American Idol - Video

Ellen DeGeneres was a hit with both fans and contestants last night on her first official appearance on "American Idol"

Internet viewers took to the blogs after the show to lend their support to the fourth, and newest judge.

Last night was Hollywood Week where almost 200 contestants were whittled down to just twenty-four finalists. It was a perfect time to slot in Ellen.

Skeptics grew concerned last year when it was announced the DeGeneres would replace long time judge Paul Abdul. Abdul brought decades of musical experience to the show where Ellen had no formal background.

All-in-all things went well, and FOX is hoping ratings stay strong this year in light of the fact that Simon Cowell will be leaving next.

Several names have been discussed as Simon Cowell replacements - Jamie Foxx, Sirius XM Radio shock jock Howard Stern, and music executive Tommy Mottola. No replacement has been announced yet.

Watch Ellen Degeneres On "American Idol" Hollywood Week



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