Monday, February 22, 2010

Dick Cheney In Hospital With Chest Pains

Ex Vice President Dick Cheney was rushed to George Washington University Hospital Monday after complaining of chest pains.

After being looked at by his doctors and having an angiogram, Cheney was said to be resting while a treatment plan is discussed.

Sixty-nine year old Cheney has had four heart attacks since he was thirty-seven years old, and had a large number of hospital stays, angiograms, stents, and pacemakers installed in the interim.

Cheney's public relations assistant Peter Long issued a statement saying that he was resting comfortably and his doctors were evaluating his situation.

His health was a concern while campaigning with George Bush, and that concern followed him all the way through the White House and into private life.

A press update is expected form the Cheney camp on Tuesday after they confer with his doctors and various specialists.

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