Thursday, December 15, 2011

Howard Stern Lands “Americas Got Talent” Judge Chair – Parents Cry Foul

America's Got Talent - Howard Stern to replace Piers Morgan
Howard Stern has a new job – and not everybody is happy about it.

Stern, fresh off a $400 million deal at Sirius XM Radio has been named the new judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” replacing Piers Morgan.

Howard Stern
While we are glad that Piers Morgan is gone because we really hated him and thought he was one of the most prideful and stuck up people in the world, we were not prepared to hear that Howard Stern will be replacing him.

And the Parents Television Council is not happy with AGT either – saying the move was a desperate act by the failing network to try and grab ratings at the expense of polluting the minds of our children saying,

“We are stunned the network would hire Howard Stern, a performer who is synonymous with shock, profanity and obscenity. The once-proud broadcast network has lost its way and has made it clear it holds no concern whatsoever for children and families. Not coincidentally, in just over three weeks the network will be standing before the United States Supreme Court arguing for the right to use the F-word at any time of the day, even in front of children."

The move may actually backfire on NBC because America's Got Talent is supposed to be about the contestants and not the judges.

Over the past two seasons viewers grew tired of the constant infighting between judges Piers Morgan and Howie Mandel saying it distracted from the show.

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We agree. The feuds between Howie and Piers were why we stopped watching it last season.

Reports are that Stern will pull in more than $40 million per season – if it lasts that long.

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We’re not even going to give it a watch this season – we pass. And we’re also passing on Simon Cowells atrocious disaster called the “X Factor.”

I guess I live in a simpler time – give me “Survivor” and I’m a happy camper.

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  1. I refuse to let my grandchilden to watch with Howard on the show; I will not either. Someone thinks this foul vulgar sensationalism will help ratings not so. I love Sharon and the other judges he is not your answer to ratings but you might keep New York viewers.

  2. Americas Got Talent has had leaky holes in the boat. Now with Stern's, they just hit ice. Sorry network. This viewer just jumped ship never to sail with you again.

  3. I always loved watching Americas got talent,a family show but now with Howard Stern on there I will not watch it anymore. What were the powers that be are they all so demented that they think all the world is like them, no class, well I really feel like the good moral people are more and will just find better things to do with their time than to pass it watching that reprobated nasty minded person.Shame on you for putting someone like him on a family show.

  4. I always enjoyed watching this show, but with Howard Stern as a judge, I will no longer watch. Such a shame to ruin an entertaining show with such a horrible character! I am sure at least half of the viewers are with me on this one!


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