Wednesday, June 1, 2011

America’s Got Talent Turns into a Joke – Is it the New Gong Show?

Remember 30 years ago Chuck Barris hosted a show called The Gong Show?

Well, our generation has a new Gong Show and it’s called “America’s Got Talent”.

We can’t begin to explain how bad this show is, and we’re only in the first week of the new season.

For us, the epic fail started when American Idol runner Lauren Alaina ratted out Piers Morgan on the Jay Leno Show last week.

Lauren told Piers that she had tried out for AGT on TWO occasions and had never made it past the cattle call. She never had a chance to sing in front of the judges. Really?

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Morgan and company have been telling anybody who would listen about the “exhaustive” search for “great” talent that the show’s producers underwent this season.

Really? And you passed on Lauren Alaina?

Tens of thousands of applicants from Los Angeles and Atlanta they said, yet the first show seemed to be a reincarnation of the 1970’s Gong Show.

Let’s see, after all those thousands of auditions your judges picked a guy who makes farts with his armpits, a guy that juggles Tasers, a unicycle rider who juggles while feeling Howie’s bald head, and a bad bad karaoke singer.


And the guy whose students put his dance video on YouTube…. You let this guy past the cattle call and in to see the judges? And they thought he was good enough to actually put on TV?


AGT is not trying to find the best talent at all. They are simply giving us a sideshow of freak acts to create buzz and sell advertising.

But they will, eventually, find a good singer and pronounce him/her the winner and everybody will be happy. But after watching the revamped American Idol this year I can’t believe that people are actually taking America’s Got Talent seriously.

And Piers Morgan is such a pompous jerk. Why does a show highlighting American talent have two British judges?

Morgan is clearly trying to be the Simon Cowell judge in the mix and is just a mean, rude, douche bag.

Compare his AGT personality to his role on CNN’s Larry King replacement show and it’s striking. On CNN, Piers lobes softball questions and acts like a little puppy dog never really engaging his guests with any serious conversation.

Which is it Piers? Douche bag or puppy dog?

It was clear last night that the three judges don’t get along. Piers and Howie Mandel hate each other, and Sharon Osbourne is stuck in the middle.

All of these judges are D-list celebrities who can’t seem to find anything better to do then judge a freak show.

At least they got rid of David Hasselhoff.

Between America’s Got Talent and Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, it’s no wonder NBC is in last place in the ratings.

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Maybe a reality show with Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump could pull them out of the hole.

And kids, if you don’t know who Chuck Barris is – I’m sure you can find some old vintage video of Chuck and the Gong Show on that YouTube internet thing.

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  1. Personally, I've never had the necessary procedure (that is, a lobotomy) to allow me to watch ANY so-called reality show.


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