Friday, June 22, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber gets new “Believe” Tattoo – Calls Letterman and Fallon “Grandpa”

Justin Bieber on the David Letterman show June 21 2012

Justin Bieber and David Letterman went head to head last night over the Bieb’s new “Believe” tattoo.

During the taped segment, Letterman asked Bieber about his new tattoo and started to criticize the singer for having so many.

At one point, Bieber called Letterman “Grandpa” and made a reference to the “Sixteenth Chapel” instead of the Sistine Chapel which is located at the Vatican in Rome.

Letterman made a snide comment about the Canadian educational system and you could see the tension starting to intensify.

Justin Bieber on Lettermen talking about new Tattoo

Whew. Normally Dave and Justin are good friends but you could definitely see and feel the tension.

Justin Bieber's new BELIEVE tattoo on his left arm photo
Justin Bieber's new BELIEVE tattoo on his left arm
This makes tattoo number five for Justin as he already has permanent ink of a seagull, Jesus’ face, praying hands, and a Hebrew symbol for Jesus.

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We really hope he doesn’t go overboard as we think a tatted up Bieber would be, well… unattractive.

Bieber also stopped by the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show and called Jimmy Grandpa as well.

That exchange forced the two to several challenges to determine who was the most awesome person.

Of course, Justin won the challenge and the video is hilarious.

Watch Justin Bieber on the Jimmy Fallon Show

We love that Justin got Jimmy to say he had Bieber Fever!!

If this music thing doesn’t go anywhere we think Bieber may have a role in comedy somewhere.

Just sayin…

What do you think of Bieber’s new tattoo? Does it bother you? Do you care if he gets more? Is it any of our business?

Sound off in the comment section below!

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  1. I suppose he can get them if he wants. I don't think he does it just to be cool. Believe means a lot to him and it's a personal thing i guess.

  2. Dumb dumb dumb. He is going to regret this when he is older


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