Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eerie – All These Musicians Died When They Were 27 – “Forever 27” Artist List

In light of the sudden death of singer Amy Winehouse today, we came across this creepy phenomenon called “27 Club” or “Forever 27”.

Some people just refer to them as “The 27’s”

What is it and who are they?

It is a list of famous artists and musicians that all died when they were 27-years-old.

Some call it a coincidence, others may call it divine, but it is mostly just sad that we have lost so many talented people at age twenty seven.

Jimi Hendrix – Drugs
Janis Joplin – Heroin Overdose
Jim Morrison – Drug Overdose
Amy Winehouse – Unknown at this time
Kurt Kobain – Suicide

Biographer Charles R. Cross says,

"The number of musicians who died at 27 is truly remarkable by any standard. While humans die regularly at all ages, there is a statistical spike for musicians who die at 27".

There is even a book “The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll” by Eric Segalstad and Josh Hunter that discusses the life of not only the above artists, but 30 other musicians that died when they were 27.


Other notable names are Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan of the Grateful Dead, Pete Ham of Badfinger, Gary Thain of Uriah Heep, D. Boon of the Minutemen, Pete de Freitas of Echo & the Bunnymen, and Rudy Lewis of The Drifters.

And the list goes on…….

Truth can be stranger than fiction some times.

Remember kids – stay in school and don’t do drugs.

And finally, watch your back Lady Gaga.

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