Tuesday, September 11, 2012

VIDEO - Austin Mahone Releases New Music Video for “Say Something”

Austin Mahone in his new Say Something music video
Austin Mahone in his new "Say Something" music video

Mahomies all around the world are excited today because Austin Mahone just released his first official music video!

Mahone’s new video for “Say Something” is his first professionally produced music video since moving to Miami Florida and securing a record deal.

Watch Austin Mahone’s “Say Something” Music Video

Within minutes of the the video's official release Mahones fans took to twitter to trend the hash tag #SAYSOMETHINVIDEO and it became a world wide trending topic!

Austin Mahone Music Video
Sharp viewers will also notice that Alex Constancio and several of Austin's best friends from home also make an appearance in the video.

Earlier this week Austin released a behind the scenes peek at what went on during the filming of the “Say Something” music video and it’s really pretty cool.

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Austin is currently working on his first full length album but no release date has been announced yet.

Congratulations Austin on all your success so far!

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