Sunday, September 9, 2012

VIDEO: Austin Mahone - Behind The Scenes on the Set of His New “Say Something” Music Video

Austin Mahone behind the scenes of his Say Something Music video
Austin Mahone behind the scenes of his Say Something video
Teen breakout singing sensation Austin Mahone visited with Access Hollywood the other day to take his fans behind the scenes of his first professional music video.

Mahone gave fans a sneak peek of his new music video “Say Something” and it’s clear the kid knows his way around a studio.

Watch Austin Mahone on the set of his new music video 

“Say Something” will debut on September 11, 2012 and will also be featured on Mahone’s first album.    

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Mahone became known from his YouTube videos and his sensual voice over the last two years and most everybody knew it was just a matter of time before the teen star broke out onto the scene with a record deal.

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Austin Mahone new hair style
Austin's new hair style
Austin and his mother moved to Miami earlier this year to focus all their efforts on his career and to find a manager, secure a recording deal, and officially launch his new life as a performer.

His good looks haven’t hurt his prospects either, with female fans around the world screaming for a chance to meet the singer and searching the internet for new videos and photos of Austin Mahone Shirtless while on the beach on his days off surfing and grabbing some sun.  

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We can’t wait to see the new music video for “Say Something” and to hear Mahone’s first album.

Congratulations Austin!

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