Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber Blows Out Power at Apollo Theater – Finishes Show With Help From Fans – EPIC!

Justin Bieber at the Apollo Theater 2012 Video Power Outage
Justin Bieber at the Apollo Theater before the power outage
Justin Bieber pulled off an epic moment Monday night at the Apollo Theater in Harlem – and it was an accident.

Bieber was preparing to perform his last song of the last show on his “All around The World” tour when the power at the Apollo Theater went out leaving the house dark.

Emergency power was restored to illuminate some of the lights but there was no power to the stage, microphones, guitars, spotlights, speakers, or effects.

In fact, the NBC crew that was there recording the event for their special two part special on Bieber were without power to their cameras except for one battery powered hand held portable!

Justin Bieber 2012 Apollo Theater No Power Video
Bieber performing without power and one portable camera
The Bieb’s last song was supposed to be “Boyfriend” off his just released new album “Believe”, but it looked like the show would have to be end without his final iconic anthem.

Bieber’s dance crew put on an impromptu dance off to help kill some time, and Justin himself took to the drum kit for a spontaneous drum solo, but time simply ran out.

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But you don’t get to be the most famous 18-year-old pop star in the world by throwing in the towel without hearing that little voice in your head saying “The show must go on…”

So after explaining to his fans in the audience what was happening with the power outage, Bieber told them, “You can’t hear me but I can still hear you!” and proceeded to start “Boyfriend” with nothing more than a solo drum beat.

Justin Bieber singing to Avalanna Routh aka Mrs.Bieber
What happened next may very well go down in Apollo history because every single fan in the audience started singing “Boyfriend” – in the right key, in perfect harmony, knowing every word, and filling the theater with the most incredible sound it had ever hosted.

Bieber and his dance crew proceeded to perform every single move of the song as the crowd did the singing and Bieber and company did the dancing.

It was an epic moment.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform Boyfriend at the Apollo

You have to admit that’s one of the most dedicated fan communities you’re ever going to find.

After the show Bieber took to twitter to thank his fans for their patience.

By Tuesday, “Believe” had been released worldwide and within minutes was number one on Billboard and iTunes pop music charts in 33 different countries.

Listen to Justin Bieber's Full "Believe" Album 

By Tuesday evening "Believe" had 14 songs in the top 100 iTunes chart.

That kid goes hard!

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