Saturday, June 2, 2012

Video - Justin Bieber Gets Sick on Stage in Paris While Singing Boyfriend

Justin Bieber in Paris just before leaving the stage sick
Wow, to say Justin Bieber has had a bad week so far is a huge understatement.

First he was accused by a photographer in Calabasas California of assault, then the Mayor of Oslo Norway declared a “State of Emergency” after thousands of Bieber’s fans got out of control before his show, and last night he ran into a glass wall in Paris and left the stage with a concussion and vomiting.

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Friday night while Justin was onstage in Paris performing at his NRJ concert he ran into a glass wall and hit his head but returned to perform “Boyfriend” as if nothing had happened.

But in the middle of his performance Bieber began to slow down and it became clear something was wrong.

Just before collapsing to his knees you can see him getting confused, losing his spot in the song, and giving a little wince before running off the stage vomiting.

Once back stage, Bieber passed out and was unresponsive for about 20 seconds while his team tried to revive him.

In the video below you can see Bieber start to lose it at about the 2:40 point.

Watch Justin Bieber rush off stage vomiting in Paris

After the show Justin was seen by a Doctor who said he had suffered a concussion.

The singer returned to his hotel room and tweeted:

“Back in my room now drinking A LOT of water...cooling down...PARIS you have been AMAZING!!”

He also posted a video showing the huge knot on his right forehead - it was still so swollen he couldn’t even move his eyebrow!

Twitter immediately lit up with Beliebers around the world telling Justin to take it easy and get rest and at one point even had a worldwide trending topic “Justin Take Care Of Your Health”.

Justin also called into to TMZ after the incident at talked to Harvey about hitting the glass wall and the details of the accident.

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That’s true love and fan support if you ask me.

Slow down Justin, watch where you’re going and beware of glass walls and doors!

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  1. Slow down Justin. You're going to kill yourself. If you die before your U.S. "Believe" tour I'm gonna be very mad :)

  2. take care Justin! Don't rush and take your time with everything! I LOVE YOU!

  3. Justin please come do a free concert somewhere here in yacca valley ca or twentynine palms ca


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