Monday, August 1, 2011

Video - Young Hollywood Takes a Stand against Planking

Planking has become the scourge of our country and young Hollywood is taking a stand.

No really, we literally mean a “Stand” – as in standing up.

In a parody of the “More you know” public service announcements seen on TV, Funny or Die has taken to the airwaves to start an anti-planking campaign.

In the video, several young celebrities encourage us to abandon the dangerous act of “planking” and tell us to just “Stand up straight”, take a picture, and share it with the world.

We have to agree.

Planking really has ran its course and is kind of lame. But quickly following in its footsteps has been Coning and Owling.

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I guess kids today could be out doing drugs or getting pregnant so these trends aren’t too bad, nor the end of the world as we know it.

But come on, you need to be a little more creative kids.

Is this all the better you can do?

We say “Stand up” for your generation and come up with something that will really impress the world.

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