Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mark Wahlberg Confronts Andy Samberg On SNL - Video

Mark Wahlberg visited the set of Saturday Night Live last night to settle the score with Andy Samberg. Last week, Samberg made fun of Wahlberg in a sketch called "Mark Wahlberg Talks With Animals".

Last night, Mark confronted Samberg backstage to settle the score.

The show was hosted by Josh Brolin who is currently appearing in the Oliver Stone film "W". Tina Fey joined to lampoon Alaskan Governor and Vice President candidate Sarah Palin, and Alec Baldwin made a special guest appearance to kick things off.

You have to believe that Lorne Michaels is loving this last few weeks, as Fey had left the show last year to focus on her own television show "30 Rock". It's nice to see her visit her old stomping grounds to help a guy out when he needs it.

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Watch Mark Wahlberg And Andy Samberg On SNL


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