Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Chocolate News" Debuts - David Alan Grier Strikes Gold - Video

Ever since David Alan Grier left "In Living Color", he has been looking for a comedy vehicle that would let him put a unique spin on parody - an African American spin, with perspective.

He may have struck gold and found a new home with "Chocolate News". It's not that Viacom is trying to compete with Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show", but Comedy Central has needed a good sketch comedy show ever since "The Chappelle Show" ended.

David Alan Grier produces and stars in this weekly, funny half-hour comedy, portraying everyone from poet Maya Angelou finishing her Barack Obama and John McCain benediction poems, to a music rapper who creates vulgar public service announcements for the "No Child Left Behind" act.

Call it a cross between In Living Color, Saturday Night Live and the Colbert Report - throw in a little Carlos Mencia and you have a show.

The program is so new you can tell they have not had a chance to polish the edges. It needs a little work, but could turn out to be a big hit. "Chocolate News" is funny - now it just needs time to find a following.

Watch David Alan Grier as Maya Angelou In "Chocolate News"


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