Wednesday, May 30, 2012

VIDEO - Justin Bieber Performance in Oslo Norway – Police Struggle to Contain Crowd

Justin Bieber performing in Oslo Norway May 30th, 2012 Video
Justin Bieber performing in Oslo Norway May 30th, 2012
Justin Bieber kicked off his “All Around The World” promotional tour for his upcoming “Believe” album in Oslo Norway on Wednesday – and almost created a National incident.

The crowds in Oslo were so large and so excited to see the pop singer that police were unable to contain the crowds and had to move up the concert start time in order to keep the peace.

Justin Bieber in Oslo 2012 Video
Justin Bieber in Oslo 2012
In fact, Justin had to send out a tweet asking his fans to listen to the Police and follow their directions or the show may have to be cancelled.

In the end, the show went on and Bieber was flown to the Oslo Opera House by helicopter because the streets of Oslo were so crowded there was no way to get Justin to the venue.

The following video is from a traffic helicopter flying over the Opera House and shows the thousands of people and hundreds of boats that clogged the harbor.

Some estimates are that 30,000 people packed the streets and the Opera House grounds in order to catch a glimpse of Bieber’s free concert.

Bieber sang six songs – two of his old standbys and four new songs off his upcoming “Believe” album.

Watch Justin Bieber Live in Oslo Norway May 30th 2012

As better videos become available we will add them here so check back often!

Footage from Justin's "All Around The World" tour will be televised in a special NBC Television documentary report later this month.

Crowds at the Oslo Opera
Bieber next heads to Paris to continue his “All Around The World” promotional tour and will then return to the United States.

Once back on U.S. soil Justin is expected to contact the Los Angeles Police to answer questions about his assault case against a photographer that took place over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

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Most legal minded people feel the case will either be settled out of court or dropped altogether but will act as a wake-up call for the singer that he needs to control his temper – especially now that he is 18-years-old.

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