Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Justin Bieber’s Assault Case Goes to Prosecutors – Faces 6 Months in Jail…

A Photographer talks to medics after Bieber beat down
Justin Bieber fans around the globe are starting to get a little worried today as news outlets are reporting that his “Paparazzi Assault” case will be going to the Los Angeles County District Attorney.

Bieber rushing photographer
The case is currently being investigated by the Los Angeles police department after the victim filed an assault charge against the singer on Monday.

Bieber is wanted for questioning by the Police and will most likely surrender to them once he returns to the United States after his promotional tour is complete. The promo tour just kicked off in Oslo Norway and is the first phase of Bieber’s new “Believe” album promotion.

As we reported on Monday, Bieber was accused of assaulting a photographer while leaving a mall in Calabasas California with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

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Bieber claims the photographer was blocking their van and after repeated requests would not let him and Selena pass.

Justin Bieber confronts paparazzi on Monday
That’s when Bieber jumped from the vehicle and charged the man and laid a Mike Tyson style bash to the paparazzi’s head.

Neither Bieber nor the photographer was arrested at the scene but the case is now in the hands of the authorities.

Ironically, just last week Justin was being trained by non-other than the ear biting World Champion boxer Mike Tyson – and they recorded a short video showing Bieber punching the bag - indicating that JB might actually be able to throw a killer punch after all.

But now things are starting to get serious because the case has been handed over to prosecutors whose job it is to see if charges should be brought against the singer.

Misdemeanor assault in California carries a maximum six month jail sentence, a $1,000 fine, and community service.

Bieber’s team has done the smart thing up to this point and not said a word about the incident nor released any press releases. But you got to assume that Scooter Braun is not happy and is in full crisis aversion mode right now.

One West coast lawyer says,

“Usually in a case like this the attacker is arrested until everything can be investigated and sorted out. This case will go in front of a Judge and in order for Bieber to avoid a jury trial he will have to either plead guilty, no contest, or settle the case out of court with the victim. We doubt if any judge would throw the book at Bieber and would probably suspend any jail time in exchange for probation - but Bieber’s camp will want nothing to do with that and will likely try to settle the case as quickly and quietly as possible.”

And that puts the Paparazzo in the driver’s seat by basically allowing him to “name his price” in exchange for dropping the charges or settling.

In fact, in California you don’t even have to actually assault someone – all you have to do is “try” or “attempt” to and you can be charged with misdemeanor assault.

Selena helping Justin after the scuffle
After seeing the photos and reading the news reports, most legal minded people seem to feel that whether you love him or hate him – Bieber was in the wrong and actually did assault the photographer.

Whether you agree with how Justin handled things or not, or who you believe is at fault is not the issue right now.

The issue right now is how the LAW looks at what happened.

And it seems that Bieber was probably at fault regardless of what tens of millions of Bieber's fans think.

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One possible break for Bieber could come in the form of eyewitnesses who could testify that the photographer did indeed aggressively block Bieber’s path and would not move aside to allow him to exit the mall parking lot.

Victim in ambulance describing his injuries
California law has statutes aimed at paparazzi that can find them guilty in certain instances if they are overly aggressive or intrusive against a celebrity.

So it may all come down to a “He said, She said” scenario, but the bottom line is this is not over yet – in fact, this mess is just getting started.

And it’s probably not the kind of attention or promotion that Bieber’s camp is wanting at this particular time.

But this is Hollywood….. So maybe it is JUST what they’re looking for.

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  1. They will settle. Scooter and Bieber don't want this in the news any longer than they have to. The only real question is how much it will cost. My guess is that Justin will think twice before loosing his cool next time. Being 18 years old changes everything in the laws eyes.

    1. interesting because there is talk of an assault in canada that recently took place in November. I get that he is constantly being hounded by the paparazzi but he needs to realize that physical violence of any kind is unacceptable and other person would of had to pay the price and so should he if he is wrong!

  2. seriously i love jb and i know he can beat jail!!!! :)


  4. Justin beiber is about as worthless as your grandpas nuts.

  5. Jb assauted the photograher and it was really wrong


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