Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photos - Justin Bieber Gets New “Praying Hands” Tattoo on His Left Leg!

Bieber's New Tattoo
Well, looks like our favorite pop star is at it again.

Justin Bieber was in Florida last weekend visiting his girlfriend Selena Gomez while she was shooting on location for her latest movie.

He also took a chartered fishing trip with his grandparents when he let his new tattoo slip out for the sneaky paparazzi to see and photograph!

Yup, this makes four tattoos in total for Mr. Justin Bieber.

The latest is a set of praying hands inked on his left leg just above the tattoo of a praying Jesus.

Justin Bieber's New Praying Hands Tattoo on His Left Leg
Justin's New Tattoo on His Left Leg
Close Up of JB's New Praying Hands Tattoo

Some say the tattoo symbolizes somebody who believes in the power of prayer, and it seems to fit the theme of religious tats that Bieber already has.

With the exception of his Seagull tattoo every new tattoo depicts Christ, religion, and spirituality in one way or another.

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At least he is being clean cut about it – it could be worse. Justin could be getting inked with gang symbols, girls names, and a lot of other things that are a whole lot worse.

Gosh, next thing you know Austin Mahone will start getting tattoos!

But we got to ask…. Is it too much? Has he gone too far?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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