Wednesday, March 14, 2012

American Idol Contestant Jermaine Jones Kicked Off Show for Concealing Violent Crimes

2012 Season 11 American Idol Contestant Jermaine Jones
Season 11 of American Idol lost another contestant on Wednesday night – but not by being voted out.

Twenty-five year old Idol contestant Jermaine Jones was given the boot and kicked off the show for concealing past crimes from the show’s producers.

While we don’t know the exact nature of the crimes we do know that one involved violence. It was also revealed that Jermaine had several outstanding arrest warrants in three different counties that he failed to share with the shows top brass.

The Gentle Giant
Jermaine Jones, from Pine Hills New jersey, was arrested six years ago during an undercover drug bust, was then arrested for an open container of alcohol charge in 2008, and in 2009 he gave authorities a fake name in an effort to avoid arrest.

Word on the street is that Jermaine was confronted during the taping of Wednesday night’s show and was let go on the spot – and the whole thing will be shown Wednesday night during the national televised episode.

News broke earlier this week that Jermaine also told Idol producers and reporters that his long lost father had reunited with him and was in the audience – seeing him for the first time in ten years.

But it seems it was all made up and Jermaine’s statements were actually made to get him audience sympathy and votes.

Jermaine took to twitter to say, “Awww not going to be on the show anymore”, but the tweet was later deleted and as of today his entire account has been removed.

This is not the first time an American idol contestant has had a run in with the law either.

Last year news leaked out that gay powerhouse singer Jacob Lusk was arrested in Los Angeles before his American Idol appearances.

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Idol has really been plagued with ex-contestant problems this year.

Oh well, all’s fair in love and reality TV! Just ask any of the Kardashians…

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