Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comedian Gallagher Suffers Heart Attack and is Hospitalized

If anybody has ever seen the comic Gallagher live at a show you know you leave with banana, apple, watermelon and who knows what else all over your cloths.

But last night Gallagher suffered a heart attack just prior to his show at Coach Joe's Hat Tricks in Lewisville Texas and was rushed to a hospital somewhere in Texas.

A spokesperson for the comedian told reporters that Gallagher is still under sedation but is not releasing any official statement.

Go behind the scenes with Gallagher and his toys

Nobody really knows how bad it is but this is not the first heart attack. A few years back he suffered a “mild” heart attack but quickly recovered.

You would think with all the years of swinging that Sledge-O-Matic that he would be in pretty good shape.

Hang in there Gallagher and get better soon!

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