Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo – Check Out Ryan Butler’s New Tattoo - Very Touching

So we know Justin Bieber is taking it slow this summer while he works on his new album “Believe”.

And in between recording sessions he is trying to do what every kid does over the summer – have fun.

Bieber, who stays in his new $3 million condo while he is in L.A., is having his best friends from Canada out for a little vacation and male bonding while he puts the finishing touches on his latest project.

A couple of weeks ago he invited Chaz Somers out for a visit, and this week it’s best pal Ryan Butlers turn.

Butler and Bieber have been tweeting all week about their adventures that at one point included Ryan letting Justin cut his hair and one controversial shopping spree where JB rocked a T-shirt with Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You” lyrics.

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Now it seems that Butler has joined Bieber in his tattoo craze by getting his first tattoo!

Ryan gave a shout out to his tat artist and said it didn’t hurt a bit by tweeting,

“Just got my first tattoo! It looks amazing! I love it! didn't hurt one bit... S/O to my artist @chenteUTG”

He also uploaded an Instagram photo of him in the tattoo parlor!

Bieber's Best Friend Ryan Butler Gets His First Tattoo

So what is Ryan Butler’s new tattoo?

Rumor is that Ryan had a little brother named Aidan James Butler who died within days of being born and he wanted to commemorate his little bro with his new ink.

Young Aidan was born October 5, 2000 and passed away nine days later on October 14, 2000.

Here is a photo of Ryan Butler’s new tattoo for Aidan

Ryan Butler's First Tattoo Honoring His Brother Aidan

Very touching indeed, and a wonderful way to remember his little brother.

We know that Justin already has a number of tattoos including a small seagull on his left hip and the matching Hebrew “Jesus” tattoo he got with his dad Jeremy a few months back.

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Justin’s dad Jeremy is already full of ink so it must run in the family.

Jeremy has started spending more time with the Biebs over the last year leading some to speculate the two are patching up the deep wounds over his divorce from Pattie.

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Regardless, if the story of Ryan’s little brother is true, and the photo released is accurate, it seems like a very touching way to remember a tragic family event.

What do you think? 

Once we find out more about the details we will let you all know!

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  1. Wouldn't it be the 19th if it was 9 days later? Just sayin'.

  2. I haven't know Ryan my WHOLE life but he is really upset about his brother

  3. That's so sweet of Ryan


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