Monday, August 8, 2011

Photo - Justin Bieber is Growing a Mustache – Really?

Look out Selena Gomez – you have ignited a fire in the loins of your young boyfriend Justin Bieber.

And apparently, she has jump started his testosterone levels as well.

Last night at the Kids Choice Awards, Justin Bieber arrived on the red carpet with more than just a crooked bow tie.

He had a slightly dark and almost imperceptible smudge under his nose.

All the young girls on Twitter were going nuts this morning when a photo of the Biebs surfaced with what appeared to be the beginnings of a mustache.

That’s right – Justin Bieber is trying to grow a mustache.

Justin Bieber Sporting His New Mustache
And it’s about time.

Bieber has really been trying to put on the masculine front these days – even going as far releasing photos of him and his dad Jeremy grimacing in pain as they got matching Jesus tattoos under their left arms last month.

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But maybe he just hasn’t had time to shave after his wild time in Miami last weekend where he went coning, got pulled over by the cops, and was busted by the paparazzi walking around his hotel balcony shirtless and wearing nothing but a pair of grey boxer shorts.

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Ah, the angst of growing up these days.

Good thing somebody got a close-up or we probably for sure would have missed it.

Go get ‘em Justin!

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