Monday, August 1, 2011

Photos - Shirtless Justin Bieber Shows Underwear, Chased by Fans, and Stopped by Cops in Miami

Justin Bieber sure did have a wild time in Miami this weekend.

First, he was chased by fans while trying to leave through the back door of his girlfriend Selena’s concert in Boca Raton Florida.

Word got out that the Biebs had been backstage and was leaving when a group of young fans tried to chase him down.

Security had to escort him through a maze of bushes and shrubs as he ran to an awaiting car that whisked him away.

Justin Bieber Chased by Fans in Florida
Then, Bieber and best friend Sean Kingston were pulled over by cops in South Beach while driving a $400,000 Rolls-Royce convertible after an evening of coning and pranking.

At one point, Bieber almost hit a wall while trying to drive while holding TWO upside-down ice cream cones in his hands.

Fortunately for us they recorded the whole thing on a flip-cam!

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He wrapped up his wild weekend Sunday morning by walking out onto his hotel balcony in his boxer shorts unaware there was a paparazzi photographer across the street snapping photos of the shirtless teen idol.

Bieber walked around half naked while sporting his favorite pair of sagging grey boxer shorts before returning to his suite to pack up and head to the airport.

This week, Bieber returns to the studio to continue work on his latest album “Believe” due later this year.

While little is known about his new album we do know he has been seen at the studio with Chris Brown and has hired the best song writers and producers to help him nail down his new tracks.

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He is also slated to resume his “My World” tour later this year in Brazil and Latin America. No word yet on tour dates or final locations.

He is also supposed to start filming his movie with Mark Wahlberg soon but there is some speculation that the project has been pushed into next year.

Ah to be young and have nothing to do!

Go get ‘em Justin.

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