Friday, June 3, 2011

Confirmed – Justin Bieber Gets New Star Tattoo on His Elbow – Like Father Like son – Photo

Justin Bieber is starting to turn into a real tattoo aficionado.

First was the Jonathon Livingston Seagull on his waist.

Then last week in Hawaii he unveiled his new Hebrew “Jesus” tattoo under his right arm.

Now he has tatted up with a 5 point star on his left elbow.

But after Bieber’s prank last week with a fake Ace of Spades tat and earrings, the media has been gun shy wondering if this one was the real thing or a fake.

Well, it’s a real tattoo of a five pointed star.

The photos below were taken in Stratford Ontario this week while Justin was visiting his hometown with his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

His father Jeremy also visited with Justin’s step brother Jaxon, and sister Jazmine (Jazzy) who just turned three last week.

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The photo shows Justin and his father, who has a body full of tattoos, walking next to each other and you will notice that BOTH Justin and his dad are sporting the same star on their left elbow.

Justin and his dad now share the same star tattoo

A local shop employee said,

“It's real. He was in here with Selena and we saw it and it’s real. It didn’t look like henna. Henna is usually a brown color. This was the real deal. A friend of mine saw him yesterday from a distance and said he had it then too. Word around town is it’s the real deal and he got it because his dad has one just like it.”

Bieber’s dad Jeremy divorced Pattie Mallette when Justin was only two years old. Over the years they still saw each other but since Justin’s rise to fame they have been together more often.

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After divorcing Pattie, Jeremy moved to Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada and married his current wife Erin Wagner. Erin gave birth to the Bieb’s step brother and sister.

We don't know how long the two love birds will be staying in Stratford, but Justin's next big show is June 11 at the famous Mountain Winery in California. The show is a benefit for College Track and the tickets are going for $40,000!

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  1. It's fake because look at the pictures that were taken of him at the BET awards yesterday... There's no star tattoo on neither of his elbow, thank God :)

  2. YES THERE IS!!!!!!! look closely and you will seeeee


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