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Justin Bieber Returns Home to Stratford Ontario – Selena Meets the Family - Photos

After a grueling three years away from home, teen heart throb Justin Bieber finally made it back home.

Bieber, accompanied by his girlfriend Selena Gomez, returned to Stratford Ontario Canada for a little well deserved rest and relaxation.

The Bieb’s took in 9 holes of golf at the Stratford Country Club and then signed autographs and took photos with fans who had gathered outside the pro shop.

It’s unclear if his dad Jeremy is also in town, but it would not surprise us to see him emerge with Justin’s two step siblings.

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The local television news channel “I on Stratford” kept close tabs on Bieber and Gomez as they moved around town, but gave the couple, his Aunt and Uncle, and younger cousins plenty of space and always respected their privacy.

Justin and Selena Visit Stratford Ontario

This is the first time Selena has visited Bieber’s home town of Stratford, and it’s unclear how long the love birds will hang around. Selena was seen several times with the entire family.

Just last week the two visited Selena’s hometown in Texas for a big family gathering.

Bieber was also seen with his best friends Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers as they played a little basketball with the boys. Bieber can be seen sporting what appears to be a new tattoo of a star on his left elbow and an earring in both ears.

Bieber plays Basketball with Chaz Somers and Ryan Butler

Justin and Selena were also spotted at the Swiss Chalet restaurant where they dined on lunch before visiting “Scoopers” ice cream shop for dessert.

Wednesday, Selena was spotted with JB’s mother Patti Mallette and his grandparents eating at Madelyn’s Diner while Justin worked out at a Stratford gym. Later in the evening the love birds took a romantic walk along the Stratford Upon Avon River.

One local says,

“They looked completely in love with each other. Justin had his arm around Selena and was showing her the swans in the river. Selena looked really happy and seemed captivated by the swans. She kept pointing at them. After they walked around the river, they sat on one of the bridges for a little while. It’s a really romantic place to go because it is so peaceful and you are surrounded by nature, and at night the entire area is lit up with lamp posts. It’s very romantic.”

It also looks like Justin might be trying to prank the media and paparazzi while visiting home. Bieber was wearing an earring on both ears and had what looked like a new tattoo of a star on his left elbow.

Justin sports another tattoo and two earrings

Last week, Bieber visited Selena’s Texas home town of Grand Prairie and appeared in a photo with a temporary tattoo of the ace of spades card on his arm - making some believe he is looking to see if the media will go into a frenzy like they did when he got his new Hebrew “Jesus” tattoo.

One media expert told us,

“It’s most likely a prank. The internet absolutely exploded last week when he showed his new tattoo in Hawaii, and I think he is trying to see if he can prank the media by getting everybody to run a story that he has a new tattoo and earrings in both ears.”

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It has been confirmed - Justin DOES HAVE a new five pointed star tattoo on his left elbow. His dad Jeremy also has the same star tat on his left elbow. It was confirmed Friday after several people in town said they had seen it and it was real.

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No one is sure how long the couple will remain in Stratford, and Bieber’s next public event, the much talked about College Track Benefit concert, is not until June 11th at the Mountain Winery.

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He is also working on his third album, and concert dates for his Latin American tour are said to be released soon.

So, Justin was in Selena’s home town last week and met her parents, and this week she’s in Stratford hanging out with the entire Belieber family…. We think this may be starting to get serious.

And we so go for it and wish them the best. Get it while you can!

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