Friday, May 27, 2011

Justin Bieber Upset about Toronto Pot Dealers Selling “J.B. Kush” Marijuana Blend

There comes a time when a celebrity gets so famous that their hometown bestows honors on them.

Sometimes it’s a statue, a street named after them, a ballpark fan appreciation day, a key to the city – you get the idea.

But now Justin Bieber is being honored by Toronto Canada’s pot dealers.

That’s right – a new potent strain of marijuana being sold in Toronto has been named after the young “Baby” hit maker.

It’s called J.B. Kush.

One stoned insider says,

“The new kind of weed is apparently being sold on the streets of Toronto, Canada under the name, J.B. Kush, and is advertised to apparently ‘help you get through those tough times with your loved one, and make you closer’”

Oh my, what would Selena think about all this?

Bieber already has a line of fingernail polish, wrist bands, headphones, calendars, CD’s, DVD’s, a hit 3D movie, and as of this month a new women’s perfume – he really doesn’t need to be selling pot also.

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Bieber, who was born in Stratford Ontario, says he knew nothing about the illegal marketing until someone brought it to his attention.

The singer is said to be furious about it since there is really nothing he, or his management team, can do about it.

One person close to the problem says,

“If it was a legal product like shirts, shoes, or hats and companies were using Justin’s name without permission he would have legal recourse to stop it. But since selling pot is illegal there is really nothing that can be done except hope it is a fad and it blows over soon. If he tried to take any action now it would only make the product more attractive to people – that’s what they hope for at least.”

We know Bieber is a devout Christian and has even banned alcohol on his tour bus, studios, and crew areas while on tour.

But as clean cut as he may appear, he does seem to have a wild side. Bieber was seen sporting a new tattoo this week while vacationing with girlfriend Selena Gomez in Maui Hawaii.

The couple was also photographed kissing, grabbing butt, and straddling each other while the entire world looked on.

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At the end of the day there is not much Bieber, or his management team can do. This is just one of those things that happens and is really out of his control.

There is always a buzz around celebrity baby names so maybe the trend is moving toward celebrity pot names?

How about Gomez Ganga next?

You know what they say, “Imitation is the best form of flattery”.

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