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VIDEO - Justin Bieber Gets Speeding Ticket - 120 MPH on the 101 - Ten People Call 911

Justin Bieber pulled over for speeding in Los Angeles - July 2012
Justin Bieber pulled over for speeding in Los Angeles - July 2012

Justin Bieber had another run in with cops on Friday (July 6th 2012) as he was caught speeding on the 101 Freeway in California.

Cops pulled Bieber over and gave him a speeding ticket for going 80 MPH – but there is more to this story… much more.

Bieber claims that he was being chased by a roving pack of paparazzi and he was only trying to “Out Run” them so they wouldn’t take his picture.

Okay, you’re driving a $150,000 chrome Fisker Karma with ultra-dark tint windows and you don’t want to draw attention to yourself? Every photog in L.A. knows that’s Bieber’s car.

Justin Bieber pulled over by Police - L.A. 2012
Justin Bieber pulled over by Police - L.A. 2012
The FIRST call to 911 to report the unsafe driving came from Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine who was driving to work and witnessed the dangerous act not knowing who was behind the wheel.

Zine was a Highway Patrol officer for 18 years and told reporters that if he had been the one to pull Bieber over he would have gotten more than just a speeding ticket – he would have arrested him for endangering the lives of others, reckless driving, excess speed, and illegal lane changes – and then carted him off to JAIL.

And it now appears that TEN other motorists ALSO called 911 to report Bieber’s reckless driving.

One witness said,

“The 101 doesn’t move very fast most of the time, much less 100 MPH, and Bieber was weaving in and out and changing lanes every 5 seconds. He could have easily rammed into another car or flipped his in an instant. It was NOT a safe place to be driving that day…”

By the time cops caught up with Bieber he was only going 80 MPH but witnesses say speeds were in excess of 100 MPH, possibly approaching 120 MPH.

But since multiple people called 911 and there is serious concern that Justin was endangering the lives of others, an investigation has been opened.

Prosecutors will have to get in line as they are STILL trying to decide if they will arrest Bieber for assaulting a photographer last month while leaving a movie theater with Selena Gomez.

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Bieber has already received a speeding ticket for going 90 MPH while driving his Range Rover, was pulled over by cops last October for cutting off a cop while driving, and again in December for making an illegal turn while cruising in his Batmobile.

He has also been cited for parking violations and illegal window tinting.

Police approach Bieber's Fisker Carma in L.A.

This has been a bad month for JB and things just seem to be piling on at this point.

Last week, Bieber was called out by Late Night host David Letterman for getting his new “Believe” tattoo, and then misspeaking when referring to the Sistine Chapel in Italy prompting Letterman to make a joke about the Canadian education system.  

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But the pop singer promptly turned around LAST WEEK and got another NEW tattoo on his right arm of a Chinese symbol that represents “Music” – this now make SIX Bieber tattoos to date.

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It was also being reported that Justin and his girlfriend Selena Gomez may be bringing their relationship to an end and have been on again, off again, for the last few months.  

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Bieber is only going to get so many breaks before things start to turn ugly – think “Lindsay Lohan”.

He has a perfect opportunity to go with the flow and if he’s not careful… the flows going to go for him.

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