Friday, April 20, 2012

Justin Bieber Buys New Ducati Motorcycle – How Long Until He Wrecks It?

Justin Bieber buys new Ducati 840 EVO racing motorcycle

Justin Bieber has barley turned eighteen but he is certainly showing the world that he plans to do whatever he wants, and buy whatever he wants.

Bieber just purchased a $21,500 Ducati “SuperBike” 848 EVO that comes standard with an awesome 140 hp Testastretta engine and magnesium alloy covers.

Let’s be clear – this is a RACING bike.

The Ducati racer - 840 EVO Super Bike
Bieber doesn’t even have his motorcycle endorsement yet but says he is working on getting it, and in the meantime he has his normal driver’s license that allows him to drive any of his other selected automotive toys.

The Bieb’s already owns a Cadillac CTS-V that he painted flat black and calls the “Batmobile”, a new Smart Car that he has branded his “Swag Car”, and a tricked out Fisker Karma that he also painted flat black and had ground effect lights installed that got him into trouble with the cops.

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The new Ducati motorcycle should fit well in one of the garages at his new $6 million dollar home he just purchased for himself in Calabasas California.

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Now we’re not saying Bieber can’t do what he wants with his money, but this was the kid who preached about staying humble and remembering where you came from…

Bieber talks to police
What’s next - a personal Gulfstream G6 private jet?

I guess you can still remember all those things about humility and still buy millions of dollars’ worth of houses and toys, but at some point you have to drop the “staying humble” talk.

A famous prophet once said, “Pride comes before the fall and a haughty spirit before the destruction.”

Bieber has already dealt with the cops for speeding and parking problems, window tint problems, illegal lighting problems, paparazzi problems, fan problems, pranking problems, and other simple carelessness - but being careless on a 140 HP Ducati Superbike will get you killed.

I’m sure Bieber's management and insurance companies are not fully supportive of all his purchases and public flaunting, but we get the feeling that Bieber is going to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whoever he wants.

18-Year-Old Justin Bieber
Fine - If Justin Bieber dies it will be an indictment on the state of the music industry and the risks that young money and super star power affords you.

If that day comes I hope we don’t have another five-day national mourning period and 24/7 media coverage like we did for Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson.

It’s all about physics – when flesh meets concrete bad things happen. When 18-year-olds with money meet the celebrity Hollywood lifestyle bad things happen. It will only be a surprise to those who were blinded by the money and the fame.

Just saying…

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