Thursday, April 19, 2012

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Buys a Smart Car, Paints it Black and Calls it his Swag Car

Justin Bieber's new Smart "Swag" Car
Justin Bieber added to his automobile collection this week with the purchase of a $20,000 Smart Car.

Now, to be fair, Bieber already owns a Land Rover, Fisker Karma, Ferrari, and a Cadillac CTS-V with suicide doors that he has named the “Batmobile”

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After Justin purchased the Eco-friendly Car, he painted it flat black and had the “Smart Car” brand tag changed to read “Swag Car”.

The base price for a Smart Car is around $11,000, and can jump with all the options like power windows and seats and other features to more than $20,000. They get 33mpg city and 40mph highway, which doesn’t seem very good for a car that small.

Bieber was spotted leaving a Ducati store in Beverly Hills where he jumped into his new ride and almost ran over a pedestrian in the process.

Watch Justin Bieber Drive Off in his new Swag Car

The Bieb’s new ride is so small that his body guards have to follow behind him in a separate car, we’re not sure yet if Selena AND Justin can fit in the tiny set of wheels at the same time.

Bieber's bodyguard chases after the new "Swag Car"
Updated Smart Car logo now reads "Swag Car"
I don’t know about you…. But this new toy kind of seems about the farthest thing from swag as you can get.

But then again, it was successful in gaining Bieber attention, and posts like this one on every tabloid blog in the world!

Well played young man…. Well played!

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