Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Video - Justin Bieber Has Run In With Cops Over Car Lights and Window Tint

Justin Bieber's purple lights get him into more trouble

Justin Bieber has drawn the attention of the Los Angeles Police Department again for problems with one of his cars.

Earlier this week Bieber was tooling around L.A. in his new birthday present, a Fisker Karma hybrid car, when he was given a moving violation ticket by cops.

But it was not for speeding or anything too major – but for code infractions relating to California vehicle laws.

The cops told Justin that his window tint was too dark and the purple light kit he installed under the vehicle was not legal.

Justin Bieber's New Fisker Karma Hybrid Car
Bieber's "Purple" problem lands him a citation
Seems the only lights you can have on the front of a car are the headlights and fog lamps.

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As soon as Bieber got his new ride he had it repainted using a shiny chrome reflective paint so the thing stands out for blocks and is not easy to miss.

Bieber also installed a purple “Light Kit” under the car body and under the front bumper. You know - if you’re Justin Bieber you got to have purple on your car somewhere!

Cops say they gave the Biebs a citation requiring him to fix all the violations.

Boy, it’s hard to be the richest 18-year-old in the world these days - he just can’t catch a break!

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