Friday, October 21, 2011

InfoStar’s Offices will be CLOSED for the End of the World and Judgment Day

Remember last May when preacher Harold Camping declared the end of the World would occur on May 21, 2011?

Well, that day has come and gone and now the 90-year-old evangelist says his original calculations were off by a few months and the real date is October 21, 2011.

That’s TODAY! The Rapture is today!

And a funny thing happened this morning…….

San Francisco California starting getting hit with several small, but growing earthquakes on the 22nd anniversary of the devastating Loma Prieta quake that hit in 1989.

The Bible says the end of the world will end with a huge earthquake.

And in Southwest Florida the red tide has caused several large fish kills that are now attracting flies and migrating locusts.

We suspect by mid-day the locusts will start moving west while aggressively multiplying.

We all know what the bible says about locusts? Right?

So, okay – we see the handwriting on the wall.

Harold Camping's Rapture
In light of these, and future events, InfoStar has decided to CLOSE OUR OFFICES for the day and will reopen on Monday morning assuming we are still here.

We just don’t want our employees to have to fight the traffic, lines at the bank and gas stations, etc., just because everybody else waited until the last minute to deal with their impending judgment.

PLEASE – if you have any food items in the refrigerator take it with you when you leave for the weekend and don’t leave any food in your offices overnight.

We all remember what happened when nerd Terry left that egg salad sandwich behind the filing cabinet.

We just think it is best if we close our doors for the weekend just in case something does happen. We really aren’t equipped to handle something like Armageddon during normal business hours.

And if this is the Rapture, then Satan's going to be really pissed and there's no telling what he will do over the weekend.

Besides, we don’t have a wheelchair ramp at our office so it would be hard to get Bob out into the parking lot in a hurry if anything does go bad.

Anyway, see you all bright and early Monday morning!

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