Tuesday, May 17, 2011

InfoStar’s Office Closed May 21 For The End of The World

To whom it may concern,

InfoStar would like to alert our readers that on May 21st, 2011, our offices will be closed.

We will also not be blogging or Tweeting that day because Harold Camping, the founder of the Christian broadcasting ministry Family Radio has informed us that the end of the world will be arriving.

Although we have been told this doomsday event will not arrive until 6:00 P.M. we feel it only humane to give our employees time to prepare for the approaching rapture.

Our management, staff, and editors regret any inconvenience this may have on our readers and twitter followers, but feel these steps are necessary to prevent eternal damnation or injury from burning Hell fire and falling brimstone.

Also, in the event that Camping is using Pacific Coast Time instead of Central, or Eastern Time, we feel by closing for the entire day we will eliminate any confusion or miscalculations of the upcoming judgement day.

Employees are required to remove ALL food items from the refrigerator in the break room, and take all personal items worth more than $100 from their cubicle in case there is vandalism or looting.

Our offices will reopen on Monday, May 23rd at our usual time.

Thank you,

InfoStar Management

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