Sunday, October 23, 2011

Video - Austin Mahone Mobbed in Chicago – Police Shut Down “Meet and Greet”

Mahone in a Chicago Hotel
It seems that becoming famous can be a hard job at times.

Fifteen-year-old singer Austin Mahone visited Chicago today to have a simple meet-and-greet with his fans when he was over-run by Mahomies.

Austin, who had been sending Keek’s all morning keeping his fans updated on his trip to Chicago, at first told his Mahomies NOT to meet him at Navy Pier because there were too many people expected.

After moving the event to “The Bean” sculpture in Millennium Park, thousands of Austin fans rushed to the area causing quite an influx of excited and hyperventilated young girls.

Police quickly whisked Austin and his mother away to a secure building next to the park until they could figure out what to do.

The meetup was eventually cancelled out of concern for the safety of Austin, his Mother, and his fans.

Police told the singer that if he plans to use the park in the future he needs his own security team and must notify the city several weeks in advance so they can plan for crowd control.

Mahone took to twitter to tell his fans that the event had been cancelled.

“Mahomies, it’s really hard for me to say this but i can’t do a meetup on this trip - the police won’t let me do it, I’m so sorry... Dont worry I’m okay and you didn’t do anything wrong!!”

Where was Kenny Hamilton when we really needed him?

World Famous Body Guard Kenny Hamilton
For those of you who don’t know who Austin Mahone is, then you must have been living under a rock.

Austin is a 15-year-old singer from Houston Texas whose YouTube videos have created a grass-roots sensation around him created by his diehard fans.

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Austin just released his first collaborated music video cover “NO AIR” by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks.

The singer teamed up with singer Alyssa Shouse for his first professional music video.

Watch Austin Mahone and Alyssa Shouse “No Air” Music Video

Not bad for a kid who still goes to school and records all his covers in his bedroom with store bought recording equipment.

Let’s see… the last time that happened, it turned out to be - Justin Bieber.

Austin, if you need any bail money just let us know… we know a few people in Chicago.

Just saying…

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  1. He doesn't still go to school - he dropped out because he thinks he's too much of a big-shot, despite not even being famous.

  2. Why do you continue to support this fraudulent hack? He isn't who he says he is, he's a talentless phony who tries to make a name for himself through the work of others. This dick hasn't even written a real song.

  3. Austin mahone I luv you I want to meet you I'm going to Chicago on the 20th I just wanted to now if you could go a step above dance studio compaition*


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