Thursday, May 5, 2011

Donald Trump Backs Out of Driving the Indy 500 Pace Car – Good Riddance

Donald Trump is learning that there may be consequences to running his mouth.

And for the first time in his life he may have had those now infamous words spoken to him – You’re fired.

After what can only be described as a couple of bad weeks of press, the Donald has backed out of, or maybe been fired from, driving the Indy 500 pace car before the big race later this month.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s tradition of having a celebrity, or other notable personality, drive the pace lap goes back to the inception of the brickyard event.

Trump notified track authorities yesterday saying he was cancelling. Track spokesman Doug Boles said,

“We had conversations with Trump that started yesterday, and he was talking about his concern that he may make an announcement for president ahead of the race and that it may be inappropriate to drive the pace car. So we discussed the political ramifications for everyone, we spoke with him again this morning and he decided to pull aside.”

Really? I would think that being the pace car driver might be a positive thing for a presidential candidate. Is there more to this story? Yes.

It seems that a huge number of race fans complained that Trump was too controversial to be the driver, and a grass roots effort was started to oust the blabber mouth from the job.

In fact, Indiana State representative Jeb Bardon, who represents the Speedway district, started the opposition with a fiery speech to fellow legislators on the house floor, and a local attorney started a Facebook page that already has 18,000 followers.

Why is this story important to me?

I was born in Indianapolis and spent my youth going to the track during race month. In later years I got drunk during carb day, and ran through the mud in the infield watching qualifications. It was a tradition. It was a rite of passage.

It was an honor to stand and cheer as the pace car drove past signaling the start of the race. Imagining big mouth Donald Trump serving the honor does not sit well with me.

Who will they get to replace the Celebrity Apprentice blabber mouth?

How about getting someone from our Armed Forces, or a representative from the Navy SEALS, or a local family of a 9/11 survivor. I can think of plenty of people better suited than Donald Trump.

I may live a thousand miles from the Speedway today, but I can still sing the words to “Back Home Again in Indiana”.

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