Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama and Seth Meyers Go After Trump at White House Correspondence Dinner – Video

Last night was the annual White House Correspondence Dinner, or as insiders call it – “The Nerd Prom”.

Guests and celebrities came from all over to eat dinner, drink, and hear Saturday Night Live head writer Seth Meyers roast the president.

Obama and Meyers did not waste any time jumping in to the “Long Form Birth Certificate” issue. The funny thing? Donald Trump was in the audience and looked none too happy at some of the jokes.

Just watch as the camera pans to Trump during some of the jokes and you will see a very uncomfortable man.

Seth Meyers said when he first heard Trump was running for president he thought he would run as a republican – but instead he “ran as a joke.”

Meyers then joked, “Donald Trump recently said he has a great relationship with the blacks. But unless the blacks are a white family, he was mistaken.”

There were lots of jabs at Fox News, NPR, Trump, and others.

The guest list was impressive with Angus T. Jones (who just learned his show Two and a Half Men is returning with him as the star), Kate Hudson, Sean Penn, Bristol Palin, Paul Rudd, and Glee’s Jane Lynch.

All in all it was good clean fun and showed us once again that Donald Trump really is a big douchebag.

Watch Barack Obama at the White House Correspondence Dinner

Watch Set Meyers at the White House Correspondence Dinner

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