Thursday, April 7, 2011

Donald Trump on the Today Show – What an Idiot - Video

Seriously, Donald Trump is an idiot.

He did an interview this morning on NBC’s Today Show, and has just proved he would make a very bad president.

It’s really hard to even watch him and imagine that he can even take himself seriously. He has almost become like some kind of weird Mr. Magoo cartoon character.

But he says if the people want him to run for President – he’ll run. He says he really doesn’t want to do it but if nobody else steps up that can take charge – he will.

Really? What an egotistical idiot.

He also has the perfect reason to dodge every question because as he says, “I can’t say anything while Celebrity Apprentice is still in production”.

Really? What an idiot.

He goes on to say the only reason we should be in Libya, wait for it…., is for OIL! If we can’t buy all their oil then we shouldn’t be fighting a war for them.

Really? What an idiot.

I could go on, but the video below speaks for itself.

At times like these you really have to look deep and hope that the American voters are smarter than this, and can see through the haze of smoke and mirrors and political speak.

Please God, Don’t let Donald Trump become President.

At least it takes the attention away from Sarah Palin for a while.


Watch Donald Trump be an Idiot on the Today Show


  1. Kudos to whoever captured and uploaded this image!

    To take justified license with “There's a sucker born every minute" via PT Barnum...apparently, there's a PT Barnum born long ago, now exuding his ignobility and buffoonery and his the end justifies the means, and this one is off the charts physically repulsive as well.

    How embarrassing for America that this being who makes the skin crawl could ever win any audience at all.

    Now that we have the long version birth certificate in hand...Pig Man moves on to trying to impugn President Obama's acceptance into the Ivy League.

    My God, at least manifest the same shame about your bigotry as you do about your baldness!

    Fact is, according to primary school records in Hawaii...our President’s IQ is around 172.

    Making it around 100 points higher than that of the singularly unpatriotic and ugly in every way Mr. Trump.

  2. Yes - Pig Man hits the nail on the head. I don't even know where to start with this man other than to say,

    Pride comes before the fall, and a haughty spirit before the destruction.

    The Donald has fallen - will he be destroyed as well?


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