Thursday, May 5, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Tour Crew Refuses to Return to Japan – Might Cancel Shows

It’s not easy being the world’s most popular 17-year-old Pop star.

And we also know that Justin Bieber is not the kind of performer who likes to cancel a show.

But today during a crew meeting in Adelaide Australia, were Bieber is performing, the road and stage crew overseeing his tour said they refused to return to Japan for more concerts due to fears of radiation from the recent nuclear disaster.

Since the earthquake and Tsunami last month they fear the risk of cancer and other illnesses is too great, and say they refuse to return for shows on May 17th and 19th.

Bieber has already visited Japan on his My World Tour, and is scheduled to return later this month to both Tokyo and Osaka.

The crew reminded Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, that both Avril Lavigne and Slash have cancelled shows at the same venues over health fears.

Braun was overheard yelling and cursing at the crew telling them that the Japanese Government had told him there was no risk at all and that they should do what is right for the kids.

At this point there is a mutiny and the crew says they refuse to return.

Bieber himself has not made any comments on the subject and a simple statement released by his PR rep said “They are working through the issue now”.

Watch Justin Bieber on Japanese Television

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