Monday, March 14, 2011

Scooter Braun Picks Up Another Young Celebrity Talent

In what can only be called a change up in the world of celebrity agents and managers, Scooter Braun has decided to expand his empire.

Not content with managing the number one pop singing super star Justin Bieber, Braun is now setting his sights on the uber-talented wakeboarding Koch family.

The Koch kids can currently be seen wakeboarding on the Disney Channel in Disney’s sports “shorts” called “Getcha Head In The Game”.

Paulie Koch and his sisters, Tori, Gabriella and Moxie, were selected to be featured for the next five years in a Disney short film that showcases their Wakeboarding skills and training regimen.

Scooter invited 14-year-old Paulie to the New York City premier of Justin’s “Never Say Never 3D” where he got to walk the red carpet, see the movie, and meet Justin back stage after the show.

Suddenly, brother Paulie and sister Tori have become the latest teen sensation.

Paulie writes on his blog:

I have the pleasure of knowing Scooter and I can tell you he is a great guy! A real class act who keeps Justin grounded and on course. I also am fortunate that Scooter will be guiding me in the future as I continue to pursue my passion for wakeboarding.

Paulie maintains a website and blog at and the video below tells a little bit about his family and his aspirations and includes a bio, pictures, and videos of his wakeboarding.

Go Scooter! Go Paulie!

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