Monday, April 11, 2011

Is Justin Bieber the Next Pele? Spain Thinks So.

Teen sensation Justin Bieber just concluded his European leg of his international tour and took time out in Spain to play some ball with the big boys.

Bieber and his close friend and budding Videologist Ryan Butler kicked the soccer ball around Barcelona on their day off, and even some of the professionals liked the Bieb’s moves.

The video was produced by “Swag Films”, which suspiciously sounds like something Ryan Butler and Alfredo Flores would come up with, and edited with imposing subtitles and music, the film clearly shows that Bieber has some great soccer moves.

Wearing a seafoam green Nike Futbol outfit, Bieber took to the solo field after practicing earlier in the day shirtless with members from the Barcelona Professionals team.

Now it’s off to Malaysia and Indonesia with concert shows through April.

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