Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jon Stewart Does Bill O'Reilly - Video

It was another match made in heaven for Jon Stewart of "The Daily Show" this week. He visited with long time nemesis Bill O'Reilly at FOX.

Stewart has never been a big fan of Fox, frequently jabbing the network for its loose interpretation of the "news", and heavy focus on "opinion".

Last night was no exception. John Stewart accused FOX (and O'Reilly) of causing fear and panic with his coverage of President Barack Obama, and inciting chaos and confusion with the "Tea Parties", and general dislike for anything Democrat.

There was a lot of subtle jabbing during the interview, but a full-blown, knock down drag out never materialized. But it is clear that the two celebrities have little respect for each other, or for what they do.

Our general opinion after watching the interview was simple: Jon Stewart is a cool voice of reason, and Bill O'Reilly is a jerk.

Watch Part One Of The Jon Stewart Bill O'Reilly Interview

Watch Part Two Of The John Stewart Bill O'Reilly Interview


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