Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Leif Garrett Busted For Drugs - Again

Troubled teen actor Leif Garrett has once again been arrested for drug possession.

Garrett, now 48, was busted for possession of a controlled substance while waiting at a Metrolink station in downtown L.A. on Monday.

Cops say while on a routine patrol they observed the actor acting suspicious, and after a search, found drugs and arrested him.

Leif bonded out by Wednesday and will appear back in court to plead the charges at a later date.

Garrett is no stranger to drugs, cops, or the metrolink.

Back in 2006 he was arrested for riding a train without a ticket. Cops found heroin and quaaludes on his person.

His mug shot and other photos quickly made the rounds adding to his insult.

The former child actor started his career at the age of five and had numerous major film, television roles and hit music singles. By age 17 his troubles began when in 1979, he wrecked his car while drunk.

The accident left his passenger and best friend Roland Winkler a paraplegic.

He continued to struggle with drug abuse over the years, and was arrested for cocaine possession in 2005, before violating his probation resulting in a 90-day jail sentence following his 2006 Metrolink arrest.

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