Monday, October 3, 2011

Justin Bieber Death Threats – “Stay Out of Peru or Else!”

Some days it just doesn’t pay to be a mega millionaire rock star.

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has barley left Mexico on his way to Brazil as part of his South American concert tour and he is already getting death threats about performing in Peru.

Bieber has been warned by a Facebook fan site (that we will not name here) that when he comes to Peru, someone will jump on stage and push him off into a frenzied front row crowd armed with eggs and glass bottles who will kill him.


Usually when you plan to murder someone you don’t broadcast to the World exactly how you are going to do it, or when or where, but hey – we’ve never been to Peru and are not familiar with their local murdering customs.

We don’t really see it as a possibility and suspect Bieber is taking this all in stride.

By Monday afternoon the fight had moved to twitter as well as Facebook, with twitter fans begging Bieber to stay safe.

Trending the hashtag "#BiebsStayOutOfPeru" one follower begged,

"We don't want you to get killed. You mean everything to us. Please, it's for your own safety!"

Bieber is not a newbie when it comes to these sorts of things either.

He has been the subject of many death threats, and death hoaxes over the years. Who can forget the screaming headline last year of “Justin Bieber is Dead”.

His girlfriend Selena Gomez and other past girlfriends have also been the target of death threats.


The closet anybody has ever came to ruffing up the pop sensation was in Australia last year when a teenage boy climbed in through the arena roof and threw eggs at the singer while on stage.

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Of course the teen was quickly arrested and now must suffer them shame of the World for being known as the kid who threw eggs at Justin Bieber.

Anyway, we suspect this threat will quickly fade and the show in Peru will go over just fine.

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