Friday, August 5, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Ex-Girlfriend Jasmine Villegas Threatened with Death by Crazy Stalker

Wow, big problems for Justin Bieber’s old girlfriend Jasmine Villegas.

TMZ is reporting that Villegas has gone to police to obtain a restraining order against thirty-three year old Steven Cintron who allegedly tried to pay some hit man $5,000 to have her killed. Not cool.

Cintron has sent her thousands of twitter messages and uploaded tons of YouTube videos threatening her life, family, and career.

Villegas says,

"In a couple of the videos, he has appeared holding deadly weapons, i.e. a gun, machete knives stating that he was going to find me, rape me, and kill me. He also threatened my little brother, my parents, and my current boyfriend.”

The singer has been scared to death ever since the problem started and finally decided it was time to call in the police when Cintron started threatening not just Villegas – but also her family and friends.

At one point, Cintron sent her a video showing her personal appearance and concert schedule saying,

"You're dead Jasmine. I swear to God I'm going to kill you. I will blow your f***ing head off bitch."

A judge in Los Angeles agreed there was a threat, and signed a restraining order barring Steven from getting within 100 feet of the singer, her family, her friends, or co-workers.

He was also banned from sending her any type of communication including phone, email, twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Villegas, a 16 year old budding musician, is busy with her music career and has released her latest single "Natural" off her album "All These Boys".

Watch Jasmine Villegas Sing “Natural”

Villegas is also an aspiring actress and was featured in Bieber’s music video “Baby” – she was the one he kissed in the dance off in the bowling alley.

She has also appeared in the TV shows “That’s So Raven”, “The Nine”, and “My Wife and Kids”.

Jasmine was forefront in internet rumors last month when news spread that Bieber and Selena Gomez had split because Justin was caught sending text message to Villegas.

The rumors were false and later determined to be just a hoax.

However, last year photos were snapped of a then 16 year old Justin Bieber kissing Jasmine in the back of a car on the way to a performance and it started a worldwide panic amongst his fans – and an angry backlash against Villegas.

So, I guess young celebrities can indeed have grown up troubles.

Be safe out there kids!

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