Monday, October 3, 2011

Video - Ryan Good Leaving Justin Bieber’s Management Team

Aw C’mon!!!

Any fan of Justin Bieber knows who Ryan Good is.

Ryan, who was Bieber’s road manager and stylists was also credited as a friend, mentor, and all around team player.

Now we learn that Ryan has announced he is leaving Justin’s management team to pursue other interests.

Ryan was first hired by Manager Scooter Braun after Bieber was signed to Island records under L.A. Reid, and has served by Justin’s side for the last three years.

Good was featured in the 3D movie “Never Say Never” and is frequently seen at Justin’s side in YouTube videos.

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun took to twitter to say,

“For all you who are asking… Ryan is going to pursue some of his dreams… We encourage him to go after his. He will always be a part of this family. Always!”

Justin’s close friend and bodyguard Kenny Hamilton tweeted,

“I’m gonna miss you man! Been so much fun and so many memories… @thatrygood I wish you well…”

Before working for Justin Bieber’s team, Ryan Good worked as an assistant to the singer Usher.

Good spent the early days with Justin on the road and refined his early look and was sometimes referred to as his “swagger couch”.

Ryan is well known for his now famous articulation of the phrase “Aw C'mon!”.

There is no word on what Ryan will be doing or who he will be working for but we suspect it is all good!

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