Saturday, September 10, 2011

Video - Batmanning is the New Craze – Forget Coning, Planking, and Owling!

Oh brother, here we go again.

We really need to find something better to occupy our time with these days.

It seems the recent craze of coning, planking, and owling is no longer cool.

But boy were they cool in their day – even Justin Bieber got in on the fad.

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But now they’re out, so 2010 - wouldn’t be caught dead doing it.

So what has taken the place of these no longer cool social exploitations?


Yes, you read that right - Batmanning.

You see, all you have to do for effective Batmanning is to hang upside down like a bat on anything you can find.

The higher, the sharper, and the more bizarre of a place the better for maximum presentation and high skill marks.

You just hook your feet into whatever you can and hang upside down and presto! You’re Batmanning.

Oh yea, if you flap your arms like a bat you get an extra skill point.

Planking, coning, and owling seemed fairly harmless, unless you planked on a car going 55 mph, or choked on your ice cream cone, but I think this new craze is going to be a problem – and sooner or later somebody is going to die.

See, hanging upside down 20 feet in the air while drunk is going to end badly for someone someday.

So keep your mouse pointed here and as soon as somebody dies we will have the sad duty of reporting it in all its gritty detail.

Maybe somebody will even get it on video.

So sad.

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