Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lauren Alaina Loses Her Voice and May Quit Idol and be Replaced by Haley Reinhart During Final

Update 2: Looks like it was all a ratings grab. Lauren is live and ready to sing. Good luck Lauren and Scotty!

Update 1: Lauren is in makeup and is not speaking. Haley is on-set and prepared to perform.

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Bad news for American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina.

After all these weeks of competition, Lauren is supposed to be competing with fellow country finalist Scotty McCreery in this week’s final show.

But TMZ is reporting that the singer has lost her voice.

Lauren was scheduled to sing three songs Tuesday night but was only able to get through two of them during rehearsal. A doctor was called and Lauren was told not to sing or speak.

If she loses it during the live performance it could be the end of the road for Lauren.

Producers have said that if Lauren is unable to compete during the live show that they will have Haley Reinhart return to compete with Scotty McCreery.

Tuesday evening was supposed to be a night of country music with songs selected by Carrie Underwood and George Strait.

Lauren and Scotty were also allowed to each sing a song they personally selected from season 10.

No word yet if Haley Reinhart has had time to get up to speed with three separate songs for Tuesday, so we will be watching just like everybody else to see what goes down.

We will be updating as the night unfolds.

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