Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol James Durbin Arrested? NO – It’s a Hoax

Okay American Idol Fans. No need to get excited.

Everybody calm down. Take a deep breath.

The current rumor mill of the day has suggested that American Idol contestant James Durbin has been - or was arrested.

NOT TRUE. It is a hoax.

This is similar to the rumors that had Justin Bieber being a 50 year old man, and Lady Gaga as a hermaphrodite, and Lindsay Lohan dying in a car crash.

It just aint true folks.

However, since we’re talking about American Idol contestants, perhaps everybody has James confused with this season's Jacob Lusk.

It is TRUE that American Idol contestant Jacob Lusk was arrested in L.A. before the season started taping and InfoStar even has the mug shot!

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So there, everybody can relax because the arrest of James is nothing but a rumor.

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