Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Video - Lauren Alaina Sings “Like My Mother Does” on American Idol – Impresses Judges

American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina may be closer to winning then she thinks.

Fans around the country are rushing to the internet today in hopes of learning more about the Rossville Georgia native who has country music in her blood.

Last night on the season 10 finals, 16-year-old Lauren blew away the judges, and viewers, with her version of Kristy Lee Cook’s “Like My Mother Does”.

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler all seemed to agree that it was the best performance of the evening and would most likely propel Alaina into the winning spot.

If Lauren wins this year’s American Idol competition, “Like My Mother Does” will become her first single on her first album.

During her performance, Lauren moved through the audience and stopped in front of her own mother to sing a few bars. By the time she returned to the stage her mother was in tear as was most of the audience.

It was the cutest thing we’ve ever seen on an Idol show.

Watch Lauren sing “Like My Mother Does on AI”

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